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Speedy Cat Rides On.

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Today was Bike & Trike day at Avery’s preschool. I have been a bit anxious in the days leading up to this. The AJS is not an enthusiastic bike rider. Last fall, she had built up some confidence and was zipping up and down our street at a good pace, even dubbing herself “Speedy Cat” in honor of her pink, cat bike helmet. But winter happened, and we have gotten back on the proverbial horse with less gusto. If you want to see her go into full panic mode, mention taking off her training wheels. Yikes. As spring has provided us with few chances to practice, it was with an anxious heart that I approached the preschool, bubblegum pink, princess bike with Cinderella coach shaped basket and metallic streamers in hand.

Avery completed a shaky ride down the track, attempted a u-turn, half fell off, and then dismounted and tearily hit the snack table. I figure our bike-riding was complete. But then in a display that yet again proves that kids are better than adults, she climbed back on and proceeded to slowly pedal around the track for the better part of an hour with a huge grin plastered on her face. At times, she was biking so slowly that 8-10 preschoolers would be backed up in a line behind her, and her ears must have been ringing with the sounds of other kids whizzing by her. She was unbothered. Impervious even. I would have quit, but the AJS biked on. The other obstacle to her burgeoning cycling career is that she likes to bike whilst looking behind her to talk to her friends, wave to passersby, spot butterflies, etc. I was so proud of my tiny biker today. I love these years before the world has crept in. Bike on, (not very) Speedy Cat, bike on.


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April 30, 2014 at 3:22 pm

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