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Happy Ave

I think the number one advice I hear as a mother is “it goes fast – enjoy every minute.” I’ve heard it so much that the words have lost their meaning. I hear them without processing. But today, as I realize I have a six-year-old in my house, they ring true.

Sometimes I wonder why my children growing up makes me sad. Although not one for big emotional swings, I feel a true sadness as the years fly by. It’s not the same sadness that comes with loss – not a grief kind of sadness. It’s a sadness intermingled with happiness. In fact, the primary emotion might actually be acute happiness, so much happiness that it somehow turns to sadness.

Sometimes the shortcomings of the ones we love are so fresh in our thoughts. Why can’t they listen, do what we say, not be volatile, etc.? But when I think about all the things I appreciate about Avery – I feel humble. Humble and grateful and undeserving. Because how did a human so perfectly crafted land in my family? I often wish I could be more like her.

She is good. She loves everyone around her. Her greatest accomplishment of her school year thus far is that she worked up the nerve to hug her kindergarten teacher. Her natural inclination is to see the positive. How many times have we been out with Avery when she has told our waitress/checker/store clerk how pretty/nice/sweet he or she is? And how many places around town do we walk in and Avery greets the employees by name?

And she’s so hungry for life and experiences. Whatever it is – she’s interested – art, music, fishing, beekeeping, the life cycle of worms. A few weeks ago, Avery told me she got to check out a book from the library at school. She was excited and stressed because she had a certain book in mind and was worried it wouldn’t still be there. We talked about it everyday until library day. Then the big day came, she climbed into the car and pulled out a book on Tasmanian Devils. My mouth hit the floor. I didn’t anticipate that my girly princess-loving daughter was pining for a book about Tasmanian Devils. We read that book fifty times. It was gross. Not even the babies are cute. And it had pictures of them eating dead animals. She loved it all and even insisted on recreating her own book on Tasmanian Devils. But that is her beauty right now. She wants to know and she wants to know about it all.

I think that the sadness comes from the fact that this moment in time with her is so sweet. I admire her, I cherish her, and I’m dying to take credit for all that she is but know that she was perfectly crafted by someone other than myself.

Happy birthday our sweet, sweet Avery Jane.


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September 27, 2014 at 2:08 pm

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