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Promising Palms.

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I realize that the rest of the blogosphere has already posted their Easter pictures and tales, but here I am, representing harried moms everywhere, just getting around to . . . Palm Sunday. Yes, I realize that most people aren’t eagerly commemorating Palm Sunday, but ours contained such a sweet moment that I want to relive over and over. As a matter of fact, I am filing this moment in my “happy moment” bank. It’s a new strategy I’m employing. My kids are screaming at each other, screaming at me, etc.  and  I pause, take a breath, relive a happy kid moment . . . and then I yell at them. It’s a developing strategy – I’ll keep you posted.

So Avery has been eagerly anticipating Palm Sunday for weeks. Yes, she’s not your typical child, but for whatever reason, Palm Sunday is on her radar in a big way. She started in one week out, reminding us that Palm Sunday was rapidly approaching and gently reiterating that she does not like it when we miss Sunday School. In case you were judging my piousness by my frequent church attendance, it actually is a direct reflection of the amount of pressure applied by the AJS.

The big PS rolled around, and I dutifully made sure the kids were groomed slightly better than average since the entire congregation would watch them traipse down the aisle avec palms. This year marked Claire’s first appearance at Palm Sunday, before always falling short of the age cutoff.  Jerrod and I sat a little closer than usual and directly next to the aisle in order to watch our delicate flowers process. The doors opened, and the children started walking from the back of the church to the front. AJS appeared somewhat in the middle of the pack, palm waving, eyes scanning the congregation to find us. I whispered her name as she walked by, and she stopped the entire procession to give me an enthusiastic hug, which I interpreted as a “thanks Mom for not crushing my dreams by skipping church because I was born to wave this palm.” Claire’s class came last, and Claire came walking down the aisle hesitantly – but on her own. I didn’t know if she would do it. For all her bravado, the CCS is very suspicious of new situations. When Claire walked past us, I ducked down in the aisle and avoided eye contact. Totally normal behavior. But I was convinced that if she saw me, she would make a hard right into my lap.

Once they all made it to the front of the church, the kids sat on the steps. Claire immediately found Avery and sat next to her. And here comes the sweet stuff – brace yourselves. The kids sat and listened to a short children’s sermon, and as I strained to see my nuggets, I saw Claire, still looking bewildered, and Avery sitting next to her, holding Claire’s hand and reassuringly patting her on the stomach.  And it was working. Claire looked comforted. I’m not sure why exactly the AJS selected stomach-patting as her method of comforting. I have even tried patting my own stomach to see if it’s soothing (not soothing). But that tiny, tender moment between my daughters got me. My children have been such opposites from day one, which causes a fair amount of head-butting. So witnessing that honest moment of love expressed and love received hit me right in the heart. But don’t worry, the sweetness was short-lived. Directly following the children’s message, the kids stood up and sang a song. I don’t think Claire’s class was supposed to sing, but when the CCS saw Avery stand up and sing, Claire immediately popped up next to her and started fervently mouthing words in an exaggerated manner. Cue shattering of touching moment, which was quickly replaced with “yes, that’s my child” head-shaking. But even the lip-synching made me hopeful. Maybe Avery will be part of Claire’s roadmap for life?

Hope your Palm Sunday was similarly sweet. Up next, Easter pics. I promise.




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April 28, 2014 at 1:28 pm

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  1. Love this story. Thanks for sharing with us! I became a “Palm” on the eve of Palm Sunday so it has a special place for me as well. I think AJS and I are kindred spirits 🙂


    April 28, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    • Becky! I hadn’t put it together that you became a Palm on PS Eve! The AJS would love that! Congrats friend!


      April 28, 2014 at 6:51 pm

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