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Thank God For My Children.

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This weekend, I revelled in the innocence and purity of my children – children who don’t know anything about how terrible people can be to one another.  Each year, I feel like I am ready for Christmas to be over by December 26.  But this year, I am so wrapped up in watching my children be wrapped up in Christmas that I think I will really miss this season once it passes us by.  Claire might be the natural enemy of the trappings of Christmas.  She keeps trying to ferret Christmas presents into little hiding places, where I am assuming she would try to open them if left to her own devices.  We also have a problem with certain chubby hands trying to rambunctiously bat at Christmas ornaments.  Upon being reprimanded, she quickly turns innocent and starts kissing the low-hanging ornaments.  During her nightly prayers last night, Avery thanked God for The Whos and Cindy Lou Who – her favorite fictional Christmas characters.  And she came home from school today bubbling over with excitement about the reindeer food her class made.  She also told me that next Halloween she wants to dress up as a Christmas tree.

I am trying to wrap myself in these little moments in an attempt to piece together an armor against the images that flash through my head after the devastation in Connecticut.  It’s so hard to not put myself in those parents shoes.  Around every corner, I feel like I am greeted with a revelation of  what it would be like to be them.  I keep thinking how hard it would be to live in a life that was built around your child when your child’s no longer there – the constant reminders – the princess fruit snacks in the pantry, the abandoned pink socks in the living room, the Christmas presents hidden away.  Unfortunately, we as humans are in a unique position to know the exact way to hurt others the most because we know what hurts us the most.  It seems like we all will have some sadness in our hearts this Christmas season, but from that sadness, we will all squeeze our babies tighter, we will agree to read them just one more book at bedtime, and we will cherish what we have because we can so easily envision how quickly it could be taken away.  I know I will.  We’re praying for you Newtown.


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December 17, 2012 at 2:35 pm

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Watch What You Say Wednesday.

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This past weekend, I was shopping with AJS.  I was perusing a clothing store with Avery in her stroller, when I turned into an area of the store where the racks of clothing were close together.  As we turned, I noticed a woman already there, with her back to us, and she appeared to be adjusting her clothing.  I slowly made my way down the aisle, and out of the corner of my eye, I could tell she was still adjusting and seemed to not notice us.  As we got closer, I kept my eyes locked on the clothing racks as the woman’s adjustments continued and seemed to be focused on her, ahem, deriere region.  To be clear, nothing outrageous was going on.  The best I could tell from my concentrated effort to not look at her, I think she was adjusting her pants with one hand and flipping through clothes with the other hand.  We finally got close enough to her that I was about to squeeze past.  At that point, she suddenly and (un) fortuitously turned around to face us and immediately looked down at Avery, who, up to that point, had been sitting suspiciously silently in her stroller with her eyes locked on the woman.  The woman smiled and said “hello” to AJS.  Avery then looked at me and loudly said “Mommy, I thought you told me that I am NOT supposed to play with my bottom.”

In that instant, many thoughts flashed through my head.  First and foremost, I considered saying “oh really, your mommy told you that?”  However, I realized that I would not be able to leave before Avery would quickly remind me that I am her mommy.  In lieu of anything that could have possibly alleviated my extreme embarrassment, I looked at Avery, looked at the woman, turned what I can only assume was a vivid shade of crimson, and hurriedly turned around and exited not only that aisle, but the entire store. 

I’m not sure what kind of conversation would have been appropriate to have with AJS at that moment.  I couldn’t think of a way to verbalize why she shouldn’t have asked me that, so I said nothing to her.  She, however, was not over it.  As we wheeled away, she repeated her question over and over again, until I finally said “I am only the boss of you.  I am not the boss of that woman.”  Oblivious to my mortification, Avery was adamant that she have equal rights to touch her bottom in public.  2016 presidential candidates, please take note. 

Ah, four-year-olds.  And, for the record, despite the embarrassment that ensued, I stand by my original advice to Avery.

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December 12, 2012 at 8:37 am

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It’s Here . . .

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Christmas has officially landed at our household.  We have Christmas lights outside and in, and a variety of other decorations that Claire is systematically trying to destroy one bedazzled candy cane at a time.  Avery is receiving an extensive education about the first Christmas (thank you, Catholic school), and so I frequently hear her reenacting the birth of Jesus with our many child-friendly nativity scenes.  Whilst playing with her Little People nativity the other day, I overheard her saying “Mary and Joseph rode to Bethlehem on a donkey and Jesus was born in a gross barn.”  I am assuming she is taking some poetic license with the “gross” part.  We have already been on many a neighborhood jaunt to view Christmas lights.  Claire is unimpressed, but I love hearing Avery exclaim “beautiful” and “lovely” from the backseat in reverent tones.  We have a general rule around our house that Avery is not allowed to ask us to buy her stuff.  Although we haven’t applied this to asking for gifts from Santa, she seems to think the rule applies.  Resultant, we receive many back-door requests for certain toys, e.g, “Mommy, I am wishing and wishing on the evening star that Santa will bring me that dress I saw at the Disney store.”  She knows what she’s doing. 

I am excited to see what else this month has in store for us.  Hopefully a party or two and perhaps even some Christmas  baking with my own little elves.  Merry Christmas season, friends.  If you need to hear the Christmas story via AJS, you know where to find us.

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December 8, 2012 at 8:36 pm

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Weekend Wrap-Up.

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In lieu of a long post detailing our weekend, well, er, in detail, here are the highlights and lots of pictures from my phone.  This weekend, we started decorating for Christmas, went to the birthday party of one of our favorite three year-olds, went to the park twice (you know, typical December stuff), had a kid-less night on the town, went to a Christmas brunch (at which time matching Christmas dresses were debuted, naturally), and had two dinners at which milkshakes were centrally featured.  We hope your weekend was similarly fun, hectic, and jolly.

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December 3, 2012 at 10:50 pm

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