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A Few Things I Love About Four.

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Princess AJS Crabby

Yesterday, AJS said to me “four is an awesome number, mom,” and I must agree with her.  We are loving year four in AJS’ life.  I love how honest four is.  I can say “Avery why is Claire crying” and she will respond without hesitation “because I pushed her down.” I don’t love the pushing, but I love how forthcoming four is.  I love how eager four is.  Avery is a sponge at school, which leads to the recitation of all sorts of interesting facts at home.  This week, via AJS, we have learned that Pentecost starts with p and last week we learned about a lizard that shoots blood out of its eyes.  I love how earnest four is.  The other day as I got out a mixing bowl, Avery told me how big the bowl is and then asked with utter sincerity “could God’s love fit in that bowl?”  I just wish that I could bottle up a tiny bit of four for later enjoyment.  When she’s 13 and ornery, I really want to remember four.  But do not worry, Avery persistently shuts down this line of thinking.  The other day, sua sponte, she says to me over lunch, “Mom, I’m going to keep getting bigger and bigger, so please quit asking me to stay little.”  Alas, it is no use.  Lucky for me, we have six+ glorious months of four left.


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February 28, 2013 at 2:11 pm

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Our Favorite Oscar Winner

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I am not posting an oh-so-belated Halloween picture.  This is AJS channeling Merida.  Since the fall, our little AJS has been deeply in love with Merida from Disney’s movie, Brave.  We have endured time periods when Avery requests to be addressed exclusively as Merida.  It turns out that Avery’s picture of the year is also the Oscar’s animated picture of the year.  So in honor of Merida’s big win this weekend at the Academy Awards, here’s Avery in full Merida regalia.  In case you can’t tell, she is wearing petite, gold, gladiator sandals and is holding a scepter.  A scepter, she likes to remind me, means that she is the boss (sigh).  

AJS Merida

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February 28, 2013 at 1:56 pm

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Snow Day.

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Today, Claire learned a new word – snow!  To be completely honest, it sounds very similar to the word “no” when she says it, but she is pointing to the white, fluffy stuff when she says it.  As Claire is also white and fluffy, she enjoyed the snow.  Claire asks that you please refrain from judging her mismatched snow outfit.  Sometimes when you’re the second kid, you just take whatever the hand-me-down box has to offer.  There was lots of running and squealing and holding out of tongues to catch flakes (them, not me).  Avery could have stayed out all day, and Claire liked it, too, right up until she didn’t like it anymore (see sad face below).  It’s a bit of weather roller coaster around here, considering exactly one week prior we hit the park for lunch after picking AJS up from school.  We’re just rolling with the weather punches around here and enjoying whatever the skies have to offer.

 Little Snow Bunny Snow bunny escape Snow bunny sistersAnd scene.


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February 12, 2013 at 2:47 pm

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Welcome, Four-Year-Olds.

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Cute CCS Family of Four

This weekend, we did something that your doctor might not recommend.  We hosted twenty, four-year-old girls for a Valentine’s Day celebration.  I would love to give you a detailed break-down of the events, but once the four-year-olds hit the scene, my memory of the precise timeline becomes blurry. 

It started the way any good party begins – I promptly escorted all the guests into our garage.  In case you are confused or taken aback by my lack of manners, we have an atypical garage.  The garage itself actually merits its own blog post.  Here’s what you need to know – our garage has laminate flooring and opens to a carpeted room.  In order to accommodate our gaggle of tiny party guests, who I suspected might be tempted to apply sticky fingers to my cream-colored furniture, we set up shop in the garage.

See?  I’m not totally insane.  It’s not a gross, dirty garage (which coincidentally is what AJS called the garage in our previous house).  I love how serene it all looks pre-party.

And again Welcome to the garage

Don’t kid yourself, I did not let AJS and CCS in here all morning, pre-party.  My instinct towards self-preservation is strong.  Claire didn’t get invited in until the party began, and Avery had a special unveiling an hour before the party.  The party scene was greeted with whispered utterings of “this is terrific” and “the garage is so beautiful.”  This face is why I throw parties for AJS.


What ensued was an explosion of pint-sized ladies clad in Valentine’s apparel, a bevy of crafts, balloons, heart jewelry, and most importantly, copious amounts of laughter.  They decorated, they ate (a mere 80 Chik-Fil-A nuggets), they made necklaces, they carefully constructed miniature ice-cream sundaes, and concluded with spirited dancing.  This break-down makes it all seem very orderly, which I assure you it was not.  Interspersed throughout the planned activities, there was jumping, shrieking, and general revelry.  And AJS maintained a frenetic level of energy throughout.  The “frenetic” part of the scenario could, in part, be due to an entire bag of heart marshmallows (intended for the ice-cream) that were mysteriously and suddenly consumed.  At some point, I gave up trying to direct the party in any meaningful way and just released it all to the four-year olds. 

Masterpieces Ice-cream cuties Cups  Craft craziness

In case you’re wondering why there aren’t more AJS pictures, it is because they were all blurry.  It’s very tricky to capture a body perpetually in motion.  After all the guests cleared out, I had a small and pitiful AJS, who tearfully bemoaned the fact that “Valentine’s is all over.”  We love you, AJS.  And we hope you loved your party.

CCS and MB Jump

Thanks friends for sharing all your pictures with me!  You have them to thank for the better than my typical, schleppy iPhone pics. 

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February 10, 2013 at 10:13 pm

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Diary of A Dancing Queen.

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Ballerina in action Ballerina AJS

Last night, we experienced a monumental event – AJS attended her first ever dance class.  It just goes to show you, if someone tells you “no” and you beg for it for 1.5 years, eventually it will happen.  Our own personal ballerina, swathed entirely in pastel pink, unhesitantly pattered into dance class.  Although she exhibited some questionable technique, she had a ball.  Her comments on the way home included, “I want to go to dance class everyday,” “I liked it 39 times,” (no idea what that means, but I think it’s good), “I want to be a dancer when I grow up,” and, my personal favorite, “I am going to dream about dance class tonight.”  So apparently the key to AJS happiness is wrapped in petal pink tulle.  No surprise there.

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February 6, 2013 at 9:56 am

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