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Preschool Postlude.

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The inevitable has happened – the AJS has finished preschool. I cannot tell you how sweet and idyllic these past two years of preschool have been. Sometimes in life, it seems like you flounder and struggle to find the right fit, and other times everything falls right into place. We stumbled upon the perfect preschool fit for Avery, and what a blessing it has been.

We went to Avery’s preschool program, which was an impressive fractured fairy tale play, in which the AJS played the role of one of four little kittens. I felt a bit daunted when Avery’s lines were sent home from school for at-home rehearsal, but she knew them perfectly from our first practice. I think they spent quite a lot of practice time at school. Our little kitten (Furry) was tied into knots about having to sing a song off-key for comic effect- her perfectionist soul objects to off-key apparently. But come show-time, she delivered in an adequately squeaky singing voice.

And so it is with some anxiety, both on Avery’s part and also on mine, that we begin our kindergarten countdown. The AJS has shed some tears about (1) leaving her sweet teachers behind, (2) having her class split apart, and (3) not having as much time to spend with her mom (that’s my girl). And I must admit, that I get a lump in my throat when I think about that little AJS being gone from 8:00-3:00 each day. Who knew kindergarten would feel like such a leap?

So for today, we’re making our summer bucket lists and are going to make these sunny days count!


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May 25, 2014 at 7:04 pm

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