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Summer In My Rearview Mirror.

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This has been an interesting summer.  As I stood on the cusp of summer a few months ago, I thought I knew everything this season had in store for me, but I clearly didn’t.  Summer has delivered in many of the expected ways.  There have been chubby legs in swimsuits and lots of sunny days outside.  But there have also been some unforseen road bumps (unrelated to my kids) that my family is working through.  Ah, such is life, I suppose?  My hope for next summer is that I will look back at the challenges of this summer with the satisfaction of having seen them happily resolved.  Fingers crossed that fall and winter bring us good news.

But, in all fairness to you, summer, you have been good to us in numerous ways.  Our little Claire flew past the one-year mark and hasn’t looked back.  Those baby days are eating her dust as she sprints around our house.  And, of course, AJS has transitioned from a three-year-old at her leisure to a pre-schooler.  Gone are the days of sleeping in every morning and endless time to play.  I’m still not used to not hearing her little voice bouncing off the walls each morning.  Such bittersweet times. 

As Labor Day is upon us, here are a few of my favorite pictures from summer.  Au revoir, summer.  Until next year.



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August 29, 2012 at 8:51 am

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Sometimes, I am in awe of other parents.  I hear their kids ask them questions, and the perfect and appropriate parent answer comes rolling right out.  Sometimes, I feel like I am just masquerading as an adult and am truly just a kid myself and then in turn feel terrified that my children will discover the truth about me.  The number one cause of this feeling is when Avery Jane says something to me, and I have no idea what to say in response.  An additional wrinkle is that, whatever I say, I must be prepared for Avery to repeat it to other people verbatim and quote me as her source.  And I’m sure all those people have the phone number for Child Protective Services memorized.

Here are a few zingers AJS has thrown my way lately.  Although I have answered all these, convincing her as to my way of thinking is totally another issue. 

  • The boys at the playground told me I couldn’t play with them because they hate girls.  So maybe I should hate them, too.  Why do they hate girls?  Nothing is sadder than hearing your almost-four-year-old use the word hate in reference to people.  In reference to food, been hearing it for years. 
  • Mommy, you’re the boss at home, but someday I’m going to grow up and live in a house with stairs and then I’ll be the boss of my babies and probably of Claire, too.
  • Shouldn’t we tell that lady over there not to pick her nose at the grocery store?
  • Where was Claire when I was a baby living in your tummy, Mommy?
  • Tomorrow, could I be the boss of Claire for a little bit?  Are you sensing a theme?
  • Why does her mommy let her kick and scream at restaurants?  Oh the injustice.
  • [In reference to the toys at Target] Are all these toys sad since no one is playing with them?  I’m sure she had her ideas about how to remedy that one.
  • When our cat, Sam, is finished living in heaven, can she come back and live with us if I promise to be nice to her?  Tear.

And then, of course, there’s my favorite from last week.  I walk into her room after her nap, and she’s sitting on the edge of her bed with actual tears in her eyes.  When I ask her what’s wrong, she says “I’m a princess without a castle.”  She then proceeds to try to shake me down for a bouncy castle like the one she had for her birthday last year.  Sometimes I wonder whether she’s an almost four-year-old flying by the seat of her pants or if she’s a genius negotiator.

Seriously, is there a parent handbook somewhere I can read?

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August 21, 2012 at 1:09 pm

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And It Starts . . .

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Recently, life has been showing me that, as much as I would like to be able to control everything, I can’t.  Exhibit A of my lack of control is the little girl living in my house who is undeniably turning into a fell-fledged kid.  Oh how I long to be able to press pause on all the growing up that’s happening and force my children to stay home with me forever.  Unfortunately, that ship is sailing right before my eyes.  Is it possible that it has already been almost four years since the day I first laid eyes on my sweet Avery Jane?  It is possible that my first baby is heading off to school?  Here she is, adorable AJS in her school uniform, on her first day of pre-school.  

Today, parents went with the kids for their first day.  Avery was very bent out of shape that I was going with her, proclaiming over and over again that “parents aren’t allowed at pre-school.”  We’ll see how she holds up next week when I truly am not allowed to go with her.  She also told me that once she starts pre-school, she will be too big to cuddle with me.  Heart-breaking.  To that I say, she’s my pre-schooler, and I’ll cuddle her if I want to.

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August 16, 2012 at 1:49 pm

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Flower Power.

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Over the weekend, we headed to Dallas for my sweet, baby cousin’s wedding (fine, she’s 26, but still a baby to me).  Both Claire and Avery were supposed to be flower girls, along with their cousin Emmie.  After much anticipation and planning on how to coax our tiniest flower girl down the aisle, Claire walked about a yard, picking up flower petals dropped by Avery and Emmie as she went, and then she looked around, did an about-face and walked right on out of there.  Ah well – probably the expected result?  Avery and Emmie, however, executed their roles flawlessly, along with the ring bearer (or “flower boy” as Avery called him), True. 

Avery and Emmie were very conscientious flower girls.  Post-wedding, they returned to the scene for some cleanup.  I think AJS actually refilled her basket with petals.

And with any good wedding, comes dancing.  There are few things AJS enjoys more than tearing up the dance floor with Emmie and True.

This was our first real hotel trip with Claire.  During previous trips, we have always stayed at someone’s house.  Claire did well, but it was still tiring.  Avery is such a seasoned and easy traveler, I had forgotten that little ones object to the shake up of their routine that accompanies traveling.  Here’s our littlest miss enjoying the hotel tub and the hotel crib.  Is there anything sweeter than those baby curls (if your answer is “yes” don’t tell me).


So cheers to a wonderful wedding weekend, and most of all, cheers to my beautiful cousin, Hayden and her new husband, Jason, two of our favorite people.

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August 9, 2012 at 9:12 am

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