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Claire 3.0.

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Kitties for Claire

Three years ago, the CCS came into our lives. It is hard to believe that the tiny baby who ate around the clock and giggled at everything is the spunky three-year-old who keeps busy terrorizing her sister and tasting assorted things that I would prefer her not to (sand, leaves, dog treats). Like most humans, she is full of contradictions. She is both the girl who proclaims she is mad at me for not letting her lick chalk and also the girl who grabs my face in her hands and says “I lub you so much.” Without Claire, our lives would be neater and I wouldn’t know the number to poison control, but they would also be so much more mundane.

This year, we decided we needed to have a real party since our baby is turning into a real kid. In true Claire style, she requested a kitty party. Truth be told, I was relieved because her first request was for a Music Man party, and I wasn’t sure how to pull that off. So we partied kitty style. We invited a few of our favorites to our backyard for dinner, and Claire lived it up. She partied so hard and ground so much sand into her dress, in addition to drenching herself with water, that she was stripped down to her undies by the end of the night. Surely a sign of a perfect night?

Happy birthday to our three-year-old. Thanks for being uniquely you.


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July 14, 2014 at 2:11 pm

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