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And, We’re Back.

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And . . . I’m back after a bit of a summer hiatus.  Who knew summer “break” could be so hectic?  I’m going to post about some summer goings-on over the next few days.  But for today, just a few random this-es and thats. 

Crazy Ave Pretty Ave

First up, sadly, the AJS has returned to school.  Between me and Ave, one of us is more affected by back-to-school than the other.  Fine, it’s me.  I’m the super-huge baby, and AJS is the one who calmly sauntered into school with nary a thought to her poor mother’s feelings.  In the words of the tiny scholar herself, “Mom, I have to go back to school to learn. You get to see me all the time.”  As we were waiting to enter on the first day, there were some first-day tears shed by some other students, which utterly perplexed the AJS.  With face scrunched as scrunchy as a face can be, Ave says to me “should I tell them how fun school is?”  In defense of the other kids, it was their first go-around, whereas Ave is now a seasoned pre-school vet.  On her way down the hall, I heard her saying “don’t worry – school is lots of fun.”  Oh how I wish she could feel the exact same way when she is fourteen.  Four-year-olds, I tell you, they are bundles of innocence and sincerity.  In other AJS news, that kid has gotten leggy, and I don’t like it.  Daily, I scrutinize her face for that trace of baby-face that was there one-year ago, and I get nothing.  Fortunately for me, another girl who lives in my house still projects squishy, sticky, squealy baby all-the way.  Which brings me to  . . .

Squealy Squishy

The CCS.  That girl.  You may not be surprised to hear that the summer has not seen a lot of slowing down for Claire.  She is still equal parts sass and energy.  Unlike her sister at the same age, CCS is not overly verbal.  More of a grunter – it’s almost primal.  However, never fear, she knows how to say everything she needs to say.  She can adequately identify where’s she’s injured herself when she needs comfort (“bump-a head” and “ow-y on my fingy”). She can precisely enunciate all her favorite snacks and, in which dish/cup she would like them served up. But my favorite/not favorite is that, for one who speaks little, Claire can both adequately air her grievances and also deny guilt.  Both necessities to survive in this world.  As way of example, in the past few days alone, I have heard “didn’t do it” when proclaiming innocence and “Ave boss me” which I believe speaks for itself.  I sometimes get the sneaking suspicion that I’m getting played by my two-year-old.  I would ask her about it, but she’s not talking.

So that’s the word on the five-year-old and two-year-old scene.  Next up, summer recaps.


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August 22, 2013 at 8:05 pm

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