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Celebrating CCS.

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This weekend, we celebrated the baptism of CCS.  Yes, before you start doing the math in your head, she is almost two, which does in fact make her the oldest baby baptized ever.  Ah, such is life.  And, also yes, AJS was baptized promptly within the first six months of her life.  At this rate, if we have a third kid, he/she will be baptized sometime between learning to walk and college.  Since we had the rare good fortune to have both sets of grandparents in town, we decided to celebrate Claire’s birthday a little early.

We started with a family dinner, cake and presents on Saturday.  It was only Claire’s faux birthday, but it was her grandmother’s actual birthday, which was very lucky for us because we got to eat delicious adult birthday cake instead of Elmo cupcakes (no offense Elmo).  I would have requested Count/Bount cupcakes, but I thought this might be pushing my luck with grocery store bakery.  Claire enjoyed the party, but what she really enjoyed was having the four people who worship and spoil her the most all under one roof for an evening.  She bounced back and forth from adoring grandparent to adoring grandparent.  Her grandparents teamed forces to present her with a giant set of large, cardboard blocks, which are fun for the CCS and the AJS alike.  Thus enters a classic big sister/little sister paradigm.  Big sister builds the tower, little sister kicks/hits/crashes into the tower, big sister screams, little sister giggles.  Rebuild.  Repeat.  All weekend.  


I was very skeptical about how the baptism would play out.  There is a reason people baptize their babies when they are squishy and compliant.  Over the last six months, I have witnessed multiple baptisms, during which the babies of squishy age giggled, cooed, and acted appropriately from start to finish in their pristine white gowns.  Baptizing a two-year-old is fraught with risk, like, I don’t know, said two-year-old might push the good pastor’s hand away and say “no, no” in gruff tones.  Just off the top of my head.  Despite the many disaster scenarios I had envisioned, Claire did reasonably well.  I held her, and she kept her head buried in my shoulder during the baptism itself.  But up to that point, she looked around somewhat pleasantly.  Avery held up her end of the bargain as well, and only asked me three times during the ceremony if she could go sit with her grandparents.  Once Claire saw her throng of grandparents in the front row, she did get anxious to jump ship.  I ended up releasing her to her grandparents during the final prayer.  Again, not a problem when they are the squishy age.

IMG_1411  IMG_1370

All in all, it was perfect.  What was lacking in squishy-ness was made up for by copious amounts of family time.  There is no greater feeling in this world than having the people we love most present for the big moments in our kids’ lives.  It makes us complete.  Thank you Grandma, Pa, Grandad and Jola for making our weekend special.  The ordinary is extraordinary with you around.





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June 9, 2013 at 10:10 pm

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