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The Twenty-Third Month of CCS.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about this tiny girl lately, probably because we are dangerously close to her second birthday and I am in disbelief.  In my head, CCS is a baby, and then I am around real babies – the kind that drink bottles and grab your finger – and I realize that she’s barely a baby and almost a full-fledged person.  So here’s the story with who Claire Chandler is lately. 

CCS is the girl who loves to try on shoes of all sizes (mine, Avery’s, Jerrod’s) but refuses to leave her shoes on in the car.  She’s the girl who cannot keep it together in the presence of cupcakes.  The girl who gives faux hugs when she’s too busy for the real thing (crosses arms across chest and says “mmmmmm”) and also the girl who showers the dogs with kisses on their backs and sometimes their tails.  Sometimes she’s the girl who gets so upset when she doesn’t get her way that she face plants into her kitty and blanket in utter and total, despondent frustration.  Claire is the only baby/human I know who is extremely smell absorbent.  I can pretty much identify what restaurant she’s been to by a mere sniffing.  Her fragrance of choice is maple syrup.  The CCS can fall head first down a step and shake it off, but holds her arm out in extreme offense and bemoans “aaaaaarrrrrmmmmm” when the AJS touches her.  Although, she’s also the girl who repeatedly shrieked”Abe, Abe” during Avery’s end of school program.  She still likes Elmo but prefers The Bount.  Claire is contemplative and chaotic all at once.  She does something she thinks is funny and then says “joke, joke, joke” until I laugh.  She is not appeased by fake laughter.  And my number one favorite thing that Claire does lately – she leans over and scrunches up her tiny body as tightly as she can and jumps exactly one inch into the air whilst proclaiming “jump.”  Most recently, this has evolved into a double jump (“jump-jump”).

She makes life just a tad crazy – her personality matches her hair.  And, of course, I have to carry a dingy, white (ish) Kitty everywhere I go.


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May 24, 2013 at 9:09 pm

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