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Little Moments of Mom.

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I have tried to be forthcoming with my parents in my adult years about how much I appreciate them and that I am aware that they are the gold standard for parents.  Generally, I tend to voice my appreciation via sweeping descriptions for things like supportiveness, unconditional love, generosity etc.  But, as I am now a parent and find myself grappling on a daily basis with how to make the right decisions for my daughters, I realize that things like supportiveness are really comprised of millions of decisions made everyday both predating and also for my entire life.  Making a child feel unconditionally loved is a feat, and it is a feat accomplished minute by minute with masses of small choices – to push aside your work to play, to swallow your anger and frustration, to put the wants of your children above your own.  Unfortunately, children are not the best at expressing gratitude.  Most kids are busy living their lives and slightly impervious to the  people who are bending over backwards for their benefit.  So those day-to-day choices and sacrifices often go un-celebrated.

Today, I’m celebrating just a tiny slice of all the small gifts my mom gave me over the years – those moments that, as a whole, add up to unconditional love.  Today I am celebrating gummy coke bottles at church, paper doll birthday parties, and years and years of family dinners.  I am celebrating my mom, who bought a flop-eared, black bunny (originally named Snow White and ultimately re-named Bun upon discovering he was a boy bunny) “for my dad” for Easter one year.  I am celebrating my mom for the time she bought me a Westhighland White Terrier to help me sleep, and he did.  I am celebrating summer days at the pool with my mom, some of which included my mom walking backwards, inches in front of me, encouraging me to swim a little farther.  I am celebrating the woman who always seemed like she was happy to see me, happy to be around me, happy to have me.  I am celebrating the person who always knew when I needed garlic mashed potatoes for dinner.  I am celebrating the woman who always laughed at my jokes (still does) and even helped me stage a restaurant for my grandparents, The Snickelada, that only served enchiladas and snickers ice cream bars.  I am even celebrating my mom for always knowing the appropriate moments to say “no.”  I am celebrating the woman who made me an award-winning Easter bonnet, a jean jacket covered in sequins and glitter, and my favorite coat one year for Christmas with buttons shaped like sheep.  I am celebrating all the books I never would have read but for my mom – from Mrs. Piggle Wiggle to Anne of Green Gables to Jane Eyre.  I am celebrating my mom for making sure we were at church every Sunday.  I am celebrating her for refusing to buy me a Cabbage Patch Doll but making sure I had the fastest roller blades.  I am celebrating my mom because she always celebrates me.

I am celebrating you, Mom, today and always.  For all those moments on all those days for all those years that you thought about how to make life special for me and wondered if I even noticed, I remember everything.  I love you, Mom.


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May 11, 2013 at 7:52 pm

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