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The Table.

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The Table

You may recall a while back, in the days before mobile Claire (those were the days!), my life unfolded on The Blanket.  These days, it seems like our life is centered around The Table – the kid-sized table that is the center of AJS’s craft universe.  We sit, we color, we tackle Claire and fish various coloring utensils out of her mouth.  I feel like most of my days can be broken down according to the following stats:

  • AJS’s favorite crayon of the day: Tickle Me Pink;
  • Number of crayons consumed by CCS: as of now, one, but the day is young (RIP periwinkle);
  • Number of art projects completed: one – a book of index cards illustrated by our very own AJS;
  • Number of CCS attempts to go rogue with a marker: one (again, though, the day is young) – she tried to climb to the top of the slide and chow on the black marker;
  • Types of mediums used: crayons (naturally), markers, and paint;
  • Number of break-downs due to artistic frustration: one – apparently it is very frustrating for the tiny AJS to attempt to capture the perfect color to depict blonde hair;
  • Most random place on my children off of which I have cleaned paint: back of AJS’s neck (no idea); and
  • CCS’s favorite character in the coloring book: The Bount, of course.

Please stay tuned for this and other riveting highlights from our day.  You never know what the color of the day will be.


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May 8, 2013 at 1:07 pm

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  1. Only one crayon (so far) consumed by CCS, but a close call today with “purple mountains majesty”.

    Jerrod Shouse

    May 8, 2013 at 5:06 pm

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