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Pigtails Biking Into the Sunset CCS

So I have nothing of note to report, but I have a lot of un-noteworthy stuff to report.   They change so quickly – the girls that live in my house seem like totally different people even from month to month.  Each day is punctuated by funny, silly things courtesy of the short people in my life.  At the end of each day, my head is full of all the things that I want to remember.  My all time favorite from this past week is AJS walking up to me, holding out her elbow, and saying “do you want to feel my muscle?”  Upon feeling her elbow, ahem, muscle, she asked “isn’t it so hard?” 

CCS has been slowly learning her colors over the past month.  The color learning curve is somewhat slowed by her inability to say the names of all the colors.  She started with pink, green, and brown.  We were in that holding pattern for at least a week, during which time she only colored with pink, green, and brown.  Black and white followed.  And last week, she got a firm grasp on red, blue, and purple.  She has some sort of vendetta against yellow.  She can’t say yellow.  She can’t say orange either, but she will at least attempt it.  But when I ask her about yellow, I get pursed lips, or she will literally turn her back on me.  Yellow offends the CCS.

In other CCS news, Elmo is no longer number one in heart.  He has been inexplicably replaced by The Count.  Although she can say “count” she persists on calling him Bount.  And, of course, we all now call him The Bount, including AJS.  Well-played, Claire.

After last week’s trike post, not surprisingly, AJS is now the proud owner of a real-deal bike.  Apparently bikes have changed a bit since I was a kid.  My first bike was red.  AJS’s first bike is pink and purple, plastered with princess faces and sparkles, has streamers on the handle bars, and boasts a coach-shaped basket.  I’m afraid of what her bike selection is foreshadowing regarding her prom dress selection.  I must admit that I wasn’t highly optimistic about how she would take to the new bike.  But on day two of bike-riding, she rode up and down our street for thirty minutes.  That tiny AJS is full of surprises.  And wears a bike helmet with kitty ears.

AJS is not so into her toys these days.  We spend all of our free time coloring, painting, gluing, sticker-ing, etc.  The best thing I have bought for AJS in the last year is a deluxe box of crayons.  You know, the one with all the colors.  She wants to know the crazy names of all the crayons, which has introduced some new vocab into our daily lives: “Mom, is this magenta?” and “Mom, I can’t find goldenrod.”  She is particularly entertained by a shade of orange dubbed “macaroni and cheese.”  The introduction of the deluxe crayon box has been a little problematic on the CCS front.  We don’t let Claire color with crayons much because, delicate flower that she is, she bites off the tips  .  Avery spends a lot of time positioning the crayon box out of Claire’s reach.  To be truthful, even letting Claire color with markers has been a work in progress.  She really wants to eat the markers, color on herself, etc.  She will sit at the kid-sized table and color for a few minutes and then try to sneak under the table and color her feet green.  Now, as soon as she disappears under the table, all it takes is one “Claire” in an accusatory tone, and she wordlessly holds the markers out from beneath the table.

Avery Jane is convinced that she wants to live with us forever.  Last week, she told me that when she gets married (yikes), she will still lives with us because her husband will want to see her parents.  I’m sure this will be the case. 

So there is my random wrap-up of things probably only entertaining to me and those who love my kids.  In conclusion, I must ask, do you want to feel my muscle?


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May 6, 2013 at 1:44 pm

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