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Trike Day Trauma.

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Trike Trio Trike Babe

Today, we had Bike & Trike at AJS’s school, which consisted of fifty to sixty four and five-year-olds pedaling at top speed around a bike track.  Needless to say, there was more than one (more than five) collisions.  AJS devoted her time to equal parts triking and equal parts snacking.  A fully stocked snack table is big excitement in four-year-old world.  I was a little worried that AJS was going to be scarred that I sent her with a trike, as most of the four-year-olds were of the bike-training wheel persuasion.  As we left, I asked Avery if she is ready for a big girl bike, to which she responded “I have a big girl bike.  My tricycle.”  So as per usual, I worried for naught.  I love how right now, she is happy with who she is and doesn’t compare herself to other kids.  Is there anyway I can bottle this up and sprinkle some over her in high school? 

I attended with Claire in tow.  CCS was equal parts (1) totally horrified by madness, which instilled insecurity in her yet-to-be two-year-old heart, and (2) extremely intrigued and dying to insert herself into the center of it all.  Fotunately, the abundant snack table was generously open to siblings as well.  Avery had a ball, and Claire loved/hated it. 

Overall, I (like AJS) am content with my lot in life.  But today, as I was struggling to help Avery with her trike, holding a writhing and resistant toddler, and juggling everyone’s discarded snacks, all the while continuously spilling tiny Dixie cups of water all over myself, I felt a pang as I watched moms who had their moms on hand for the day.  I can’t help but think how different our lives would all be with some grandparents on hand.  Man, was I jealous seeing those grandmas present to lend helping hands and hearing those extra cheers of support for those grandkids.  I must admit that the pang is self-induced as we are the ones who choose to live apart from our parents.  But all the same, I have grandparent envy.  Oh the tricky emotions inspired by Trike Day.


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May 1, 2013 at 2:37 pm

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