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Elmo Recovery Program.

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So the past week has been interesting.  We have been trying to convince our toddler to get to a healthier place with her BFF Elmo.  After a full week of not allowing her to watch Elmo, I thought that we were moving into more normal territory.  She is able to say Elmo in her regular voice, as opposed to her low, creepy voice reserved for things with which she is obsessed.  She has channeled her love for Elmo into more appropriate outlets – Sesame Street books and coloring books – and she has even picked up a few, new friends along the way.  The following names are now a part of her everyday vocab: Big Bird (Bu Bird), Cookie Monster (Cook-ku), Bert (Bewt), and Abby (Abb-bay).  But don’t get me wrong, her heart still beats for Elmo. 

Feeling self-congratulatory and light-hearted, CCS and I ran to Target for a few essentials.  I thought that I would grab some small toys for CCS and AJS to play with on an upcoming flight.  Claire and I went to the aisle with the Sesame Street toys.  I presented her with a couple of choices of Sesame Street figurines.  She did not bat an eye at the Abby-Rosita combo pack, and unhesitantly chose the Elmo-Count combo pack (cue the re-entry of Creepy Elmo Voice).  As we strolled around Target, CCS sat in the basket and stared at the package, chanting “Elmo.”  And as we checked out, I had the privilege of being the mom who has to present a toy in her child’s hand for scanning because having her release the toy would be catastrophic.  As a side bar, when you’re not a parent, you (me) watch parents and think “I’ll never let my kid get away with that.” But don’t worry, you totally will let your kid get away with all that and more.  I actually have a theory that can be neatly summed up as “the judgier you are, the harder you fall.” 

In a nutshell, our Elmo recovery ebbs and flows.  One day, I suspect that Claire will be able to exclusively address Elmo in a normal tone of voice.  But that day is regrettably not today.


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March 13, 2013 at 1:19 pm

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  1. This may be my favorite quote ever from your blog: “But don’t worry, you totally will let your kid get away with all that and more.” V happy with that.


    March 14, 2013 at 6:23 pm

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