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A Few Things I Love About Four.

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Princess AJS Crabby

Yesterday, AJS said to me “four is an awesome number, mom,” and I must agree with her.  We are loving year four in AJS’ life.  I love how honest four is.  I can say “Avery why is Claire crying” and she will respond without hesitation “because I pushed her down.” I don’t love the pushing, but I love how forthcoming four is.  I love how eager four is.  Avery is a sponge at school, which leads to the recitation of all sorts of interesting facts at home.  This week, via AJS, we have learned that Pentecost starts with p and last week we learned about a lizard that shoots blood out of its eyes.  I love how earnest four is.  The other day as I got out a mixing bowl, Avery told me how big the bowl is and then asked with utter sincerity “could God’s love fit in that bowl?”  I just wish that I could bottle up a tiny bit of four for later enjoyment.  When she’s 13 and ornery, I really want to remember four.  But do not worry, Avery persistently shuts down this line of thinking.  The other day, sua sponte, she says to me over lunch, “Mom, I’m going to keep getting bigger and bigger, so please quit asking me to stay little.”  Alas, it is no use.  Lucky for me, we have six+ glorious months of four left.


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February 28, 2013 at 2:11 pm

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