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Snow Day.

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Today, Claire learned a new word – snow!  To be completely honest, it sounds very similar to the word “no” when she says it, but she is pointing to the white, fluffy stuff when she says it.  As Claire is also white and fluffy, she enjoyed the snow.  Claire asks that you please refrain from judging her mismatched snow outfit.  Sometimes when you’re the second kid, you just take whatever the hand-me-down box has to offer.  There was lots of running and squealing and holding out of tongues to catch flakes (them, not me).  Avery could have stayed out all day, and Claire liked it, too, right up until she didn’t like it anymore (see sad face below).  It’s a bit of weather roller coaster around here, considering exactly one week prior we hit the park for lunch after picking AJS up from school.  We’re just rolling with the weather punches around here and enjoying whatever the skies have to offer.

 Little Snow Bunny Snow bunny escape Snow bunny sistersAnd scene.



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February 12, 2013 at 2:47 pm

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