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Hey, Hey, It’s His Birthday.

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Happy birthday to our very own JRS.  It’s funny how what you want in a significant other dramatically changes over time.  I have distinct memories of hanging out in my room at the sorority house with my friends (post-scantily clad pillow fight of course) and discussing the qualities we wanted in our husbands.  Even, if I didn’t remember that, I recently found a list of said qualities scrawled on the back of a receipt in my friend H’s handwriting.  And, oh it was a doozy.  Weighty things like “dresses preppy” made the list, as well as the ever-important “can be independent at social events.”

As I found myself married in my early twenties and in law school, my list evolved to include “tolerates excessive flash card making and obsessive, round-the-clock study habits” and “consumes mass amounts of baked goods made in order to relieve law school-related anxiety.”  As law school turned into law firm, the list turned a corner as well to include items such as “loves to eat dinner compiled from random items from the pantry” and “enjoys spending time with wife scheduled around latest brief deadline.”

Now that we as a couple have been living an entirely different existence for the past four years, four months, and eleven days, I have found myself with a list of “wants” in a husband that is unrecognizable from the circa 1999 list.  I smile involuntarily when I hear my husband use “potty” in everyday conversation (it comes up a lot), as well as when we’re talking without the presence of children and he spells D-A-R-N.  Is there anything more romantic than a man who utters the words “why don’t you go take a nap?” or “let me put the kids down tonight.”  The best soundtrack of all consists of shrieks of laughter spilling out from under the bathroom door when he gives the kids a bath, and the loudest laughter is his.  In 1999, I never would have realized that what I want is a man who walks in the door at the end of the day bearing cupcakes.  A man who wears a pink tie to match his daughter’s dress.  A man who knows the major characters in all of his daughter’s favorite princess stories.  A man who never says “no” to the zoo, the aquarium, Disney on Ice, or the latest princess movie.

Happy birthday, JRS!  I’m excited to see how the list evolves.  I’m thinking maybe “likes to watch kids while wife is on European vacation?”


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January 31, 2013 at 7:22 am

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  1. Very nice Jamie! You have a keeper in that JRS.

    Carrie Cleaver

    January 31, 2013 at 8:58 am

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