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Claire 1.5

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Claire Christmas Crazy Claire

In all the hubbub of Christmas, I may have neglected to mention that our CCS just turned 18 months.  As you may have noticed, I am a mountain of mush and mixed feelings when it comes to my babies getting older. The saddest of all events has occurred between 12 and 18 months – Claire has lost her baby fat. There’s nary a dimple on her thighs. And, no, I’m not taking it well. But I do have one thing to comfort me.  Although the rolls on her arms and legs are a thing of the past, and I can now see her neck, which was formerly obscured by chins, she still has a round belly. And here’s where you start thinking how creepy I am. I am obsessed with that baby belly. I pat it, I kiss it, I tickle it. And best of all, I have taught Claire to pat it when I say “where’s your belly?”   I have to get all the creepy, parent stuff out now before she learns to roll her eyes and say “Moooom, I need some space.”  In addition to being a thinner, sleeker Claire, Claire 1.5 is full of new tricks.  Most of all, she is busy.  She climbs the stairs in lightning speed, she jumps in the tub, and loves to hang out in the shower if allowed.  One day, I turned the corner to find Claire gleefully sitting on the toilet and splashing her feet in the water.  She got a special, midday bath after that one.  Claire lacks a certain delicacy that AJS possessed at the same age.  Less rose petal and more lightning bolt is our CCS.  She has a funny, quirky personality that manifests itself in many jokes that only Claire understands.  For example, there’s the time she refused to say “mama” and called me “bup” for a solid week with a twinkle in her eye the entire time.  She does enjoy tormenting her sister, who is somewhat of a perfectionist, by crashing through her perfectly lined up toys or sitting in the middle of any art project in progress.  On my birthday, I enjoyed breakfast in bed with a plate of food in my lap and Claire also in my lap, joyfully tasting each breakfast offering, despite the fact she had already had her own breakfast.  Whatever is going on in our house, Claire is in the middle of it.  Claire relishes her life.  And we relish Claire.


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January 8, 2013 at 3:04 pm

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