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So This Was Christmas.

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White Christmas Beadhead Baby Double Plaid Santa Baby

And here I am, back after a bit of a Christmas hiatus. As it goes with holidays with children, ours had its highs and lows.  If you were to review the stats of our Christmas, I am not sure if you would conclude that we came out on the winning side. We had a pre-Christmas bought with a virus; a Christmas Eve, profusely bleeding (but ultimately inconsequential) head injury; a Christmas Day stomach bug that affected seven members of our extended family; and one baby that was persistently fussy and out of sorts. Yes, on paper, it does not sound so merry. However, the thing about Christmas is that it is easy for me to describe all the tangibles – the presents, the decorations, the who was where- those same tangibles that we (or at least me) obsess over for months in advance. But it is hard to describe the intangible aspect. The “I can feel it but can’t see it” aspect. I can tell you what AJS received from Santa, but it is difficult to verbalize the awe and reverence with which she has regarded Christmas this year. I can tell you who was there but it is hard to explain how full my heart felt as I watched one daughter open her presents while holding my other (fussy pants) daughter in my lap in my parents’ living room with my husband, children, parents and sister’s family all under one roof for a fleeting moment. And lastly, I can tell you what we wore and what we ate, but it is ever so much more challenging to make you feel the poignant and acute joy I experienced when I saw my mom hug my daughters for the first time since September.  For me, that hug lessened the impact of the last four, anxiety-ridden months of surgeries and chemotherapy experienced by the person who had made the most impact upon my life.  Every not-so-ideal moment was made worthy by the mere togetherness of my family, by the simple presence of my mother.  So, to summarize, I cannot regale you with tales of how seamlessly everything went. But to me, evaluating the sum of all the happiness and annoyances, it was perfect and complete.  It was resplendent with imperfection, just the way all good holidays should be.


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January 7, 2013 at 3:10 pm

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