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Thank God For My Children.

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This weekend, I revelled in the innocence and purity of my children – children who don’t know anything about how terrible people can be to one another.  Each year, I feel like I am ready for Christmas to be over by December 26.  But this year, I am so wrapped up in watching my children be wrapped up in Christmas that I think I will really miss this season once it passes us by.  Claire might be the natural enemy of the trappings of Christmas.  She keeps trying to ferret Christmas presents into little hiding places, where I am assuming she would try to open them if left to her own devices.  We also have a problem with certain chubby hands trying to rambunctiously bat at Christmas ornaments.  Upon being reprimanded, she quickly turns innocent and starts kissing the low-hanging ornaments.  During her nightly prayers last night, Avery thanked God for The Whos and Cindy Lou Who – her favorite fictional Christmas characters.  And she came home from school today bubbling over with excitement about the reindeer food her class made.  She also told me that next Halloween she wants to dress up as a Christmas tree.

I am trying to wrap myself in these little moments in an attempt to piece together an armor against the images that flash through my head after the devastation in Connecticut.  It’s so hard to not put myself in those parents shoes.  Around every corner, I feel like I am greeted with a revelation of  what it would be like to be them.  I keep thinking how hard it would be to live in a life that was built around your child when your child’s no longer there – the constant reminders – the princess fruit snacks in the pantry, the abandoned pink socks in the living room, the Christmas presents hidden away.  Unfortunately, we as humans are in a unique position to know the exact way to hurt others the most because we know what hurts us the most.  It seems like we all will have some sadness in our hearts this Christmas season, but from that sadness, we will all squeeze our babies tighter, we will agree to read them just one more book at bedtime, and we will cherish what we have because we can so easily envision how quickly it could be taken away.  I know I will.  We’re praying for you Newtown.


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December 17, 2012 at 2:35 pm

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