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Thankfulness Abounds.

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On Thursday, I went to the Thanksgiving party at Avery’s pre-school.  I was primed for adorable-ness the moment I walked in to see twenty-six, four-year-olds sitting in a circle, each wearing an Indian headdress with his/her Indian name written upon it.  Avery’s Indian name, of course, was “She Who Likes Merida.”  Doesn’t it smack with authenticity?  As soon as Avery saw me cross the threshold, she shouted across the room, “Hi Mom, welcome, make yourself at home.”  We parents watched our children belt out a handful of Thanksgiving tunes.  My particular favorite was a number that ended with the escape of the Thanksgiving turkey and a resultant dinner at KFC.  Our Thanksgiving angels served us cornbread muffins made by the pre-school class, and then we sat in a circle while each of our children told what he/she is thankful for.  Avery and I were just about at the half-way mark of the circle.  The preciousness mounted as each child dutifully said “I am thankful for my mommy” or “I am thankful for my daddy,” or the particularly endearing “I am thankful for my whole family.”  The child directly preceding us actually said “I am thankful for my mommy” and then crawled into his mother’s lap and gave her a squeeze.  It was fraught with cuteness.  And then it was Avery’s turn.  I could tell I was in for it when she started off with an extra loud “ummmm” and ended with an emphatic and certain “I am thankful for these muffins.”  The class erupted into laughter, and I was the recipient of sympathetic “your kid loves muffins more than you” looks.  She was, of course, referring to the cornbread muffins made by her preschool class.  Ah well, such is life.  I carried her in my womb for nine months and five days (who’s counting?), but those were some delicious muffins.  Although not really.  I felt like my muffin had the subtle taste of kid hands.  Fortunately for Avery, she is extremely cute when she belts out Thanksgiving tunes.  I suppose that this year, I am thankful for Avery’s, ahem, individuality.


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November 17, 2012 at 7:39 pm

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