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Weekend Snippets.

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Yes, I realize it has been since last Monday since I posted.  Life has been hectic in a usual way around here – breakfast, play, school, lunch, play, nap, play, dinner, bath, bed, repeat.  Somehow, there’s a job crammed into that schedule somewhere. 

This weekend our guest room was occupied by one of our favorite people – Granddad!  My dad, Avery and Claire’s granddad.  Avery and Claire welcomed him right into the fold, and Claire immediately started following him around the house chanting “Gran Da.”  My dad may have forgotten what it’s like to be surrounded by little girls.  My dad and I took Avery to see Brave at the dollar theatre – in 3D nonetheless.  I love it that everything is larger than life through her four-year-old eyes.  She was transfixed and sat perched on the edge of her movie seat.  She actually just weighs enough to keep the movie seat down, but occasionally the seat would fold up with AJS inside.  As she sensed the scary part was coming, she kept whispering to me “Mommy, you can close your eyes if you get scared.”  On Sunday morning, before my dad left, he pulled me out of bed for one last breakfast.  Avery was particularly impressed because I never get up with them for breakfast on the weekends – that’s Jerrod’s terrain.  My dad explained to her that he’s my dad and can tell me what to do.  Avery is in love with the concept that someone is my boss.  She’s has reminded me at regular intervals that he is my dad and can tell me what to do and can also tell me what not to do. 

On Sunday afternoon, I took Avery to see the traveling tour of Mary Poppins.  This was her first play, and I was not sure how it would go.  Again, transfixed.  Although I offered to leave at intermission, we stayed the entire time.  On our way out of the theatre, Avery told me she would like Mary Poppins to come to her house.  I have grappled with how best to shoot this idea down without bursting the Mary Poppins illusion.  I tried telling her that Mary Poppins lives too far away, but she very helpfully pointed out that she could fly to our house with her magic umbrella.  Drat. 

Those are the AJS weekend sound bites.  We’re starting to gear up for Thanksgiving and (can you believe it) Christmas!  Happy week, friends.


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November 12, 2012 at 10:19 am

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