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Halloween Hijinks

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I’ve always liked Halloween.  I remember being a kid and holding my dad’s hand as we trudged through our neighborhood streets.  There was something that felt illicit about walking around in the pitch-black night (which I am sure felt darker than reality to my kid-self) and in costume, no less.  Halloween had that intangible allure – the kind that makes you want to hug yourself as you twinge in anticipation.  I am not sure I could summon up that feeling in years past.  It’s like childbirth, intellectually I know I felt it, but I can’t remember how it felt.  And that is what is great about having children, what is old becomes new again when I watch things through my kids’ eyes.

This year may have been Avery’s best Halloween ever.  She was perfectly primed.  At pre-school this month, they spent a day weighing, measuring, and learning the names of different pumpkins.  Imagine my surprise when we were at the pumpkin patch (and by “patch” I mean pumpkins strewn about the grocery store parking lot) and Avery blurts out “this is a Turkish squash.”  They also covered a unit about bats and spiders, which spurred a dinner-table discussion regarding nocturnal animals.  They sang Halloween songs and did Halloween crafts all month.  Every time she has uttered the word “Halloween,” she has done so with almost a whispered reverence and visibly bristling with excitement. 

We carefully planned the details of her Alice in Wonderland costume.  We ordered the dress well in advance, which allowed for many dry-runs.  She demanded, ahem, requested a black bow in her hair, white tights, and black shoes in order to achieve an authentic Alice look.  She could barely contain herself when, the night  before her pre-school party, I purchased a black headband to which to attach a black bow.  The next morning, when I produced said headband (which, to be clear, was small potatoes as accessories go), in a hushed and mesmerized tone, she said “it’s beautiful.”

On Halloween eve, we carved a pumpkin.  She was equal parts enthusiastic and grossed-out.  She hovered nearby most of the time and then took to her tricycle, circling the garage floor saying “Daddy, is this helping you?”  At the end, she helped do a little cutting, with assistance from Jerrod.  She requested to use the “big knife” (request denied).  She almost came out of her skin with four-year-old enthusiasm when we lit our Jack-O-Lantern. 

And then there was Halloween itself.  Sometimes we (me) build events up so much in our heads that the events themselves cannot rival the anticipation.  This was not the case.  We started with some targeted trick-or-treating to the houses of our favorite people who don’t live on our street.  Claire came along for this.  As an aside, Claire’s costume got lost in the pre-Halloween shuffle.  I assumed that Avery’s hand-me-down bumblebee costume would be just the thing for Claire.  I did not, however, factor in that Claire has different horizontal dimensions than Avery.  I had to enlist Jerrod’s help to stuff my protesting nugget into that costume, and I almost had to cut her out.  But she was a trooper. We pizza-ed with neighborhood friends and then Jerrod and Avery trick-or-treated our street to Avery’s heart’s content.  To quote Jerrod “she had a ball.”  When she hit our front door to trick-or-treat with her friends, she was a blur of blue tuille as she whizzed by me demanding candy for her friends, especially “my Paige” she said.  The euphoria has not quite worn off, as she is still in a state of disbelief that the huge pile of candy in our house in solely her property.  Fine, I have been knocking off the mini Twix bars while she sleeps. 

So that is the very long story of one very small girl’s best Halloween ever.  We hope yours was similarly sweet.


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November 1, 2012 at 9:17 pm

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