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The Scoop on CCS.

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Our baby CCS is changing rapidly as she straddles the line between baby and kid.  She is filled to the brim with personality, and it seems like it spills out wherever she goes.  We are working on teaching her animal sounds as she is trying to talk more and more.  She has quack down (“kak”) and is shakey on the others.  Jerrod quizzes her in the tub, and it feels like she’s guessing.  “Claire, what does the cow say?”  “Baaaa?”  When she does happen upon a correct answer and we respond with “yaaaaaaay,” she starts clapping for herself – a gentle reminder that applause is preferred.  She is developing a devilish streak (in a very angelic way, of course).  Often, as I reach for her to change her diaper, fish some forbidden item out of her mouth, or put her down for her nap, she goes tearing out of the room, running down the hall with her hands thrown in the air and most likely gleefully laughing by the time I catch up.  When our entire family is in the car, she likes to softly call her dad when she gets bored, so we will hear faint, whispered strains of “da da da da da” as we go down the road.  In case you have been wondering about the plight of Claire and Kitty (forefront of your mind, I’m sure), Kitty is still number one in her heart.  She persists in demonstrating her love for Kitty with bites to his face and full-body tackles.  And, we now are the proud owners of four Kitties – an upstairs, bedtime Kitty (lovingly referred to as Dirty Kitty since his face has been bitten the most); a downstairs Kitty for playtime; and two Kitties in reserve for a rainy day.  Mealtime can be an adventure with Claire.  She mostly eats what is presented but will shake her head “no” and try to clear her tray violently with her hands when offended by the offering.  She is aware that she is not the only kid that gets my attention and is honing her skills to lure me away from Avery – sitting on Avery when Avery is in my lap and coming up behind me and hugging my back and patting me lovingly when I am reading to Avery.  Last but not least, one of my personal favorites, when we go to retrieve Claire from her bed, she always greets us with the biggest, cheesiest, “hiiiiiiiiiiii.”  So that is CCS in a nutshell – cheeky, chatty, and of course, still slightly chubby.


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October 29, 2012 at 8:35 am

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