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B Is For Boomer.

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Oh, how our lives have changed.  For the first six years of our marriage, attending the OU-TX football game was a priority.  I think we were there six out of six years.  Since the birth of one AJS, OU-TX has slipped down our priority list.  Instead of attending the game, I now must settle for dressing my children in all things crimson and cream.  Although I am a Texas girl at heart (state of, not university of), one week out of each year, I devote myself to besmirching Texas’ good name.  To be totally honest, I only quietly think bad thoughts about UT because I am afraid of somehow jinxing our football fate.  After a thoroughly enjoyable win over Texas on Saturday, I am starting this week off with a “Boomer Sooner” to you, friends!  And apologies to the many, many Texas fans in my family.  Although, I apologize only with the expectation that you know it’s fake, not heartfelt, and in name only.


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October 15, 2012 at 11:01 am

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