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Claire And Kitty.

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When Avery was a baby, I was desperate for her to have an attachment object.  Oh, you know, something she could cling to at night when she was in bed.  Perhaps something that would prevent her from sitting in bed awake calling my name?  She was just not that into it.  I would put stuffed animals in her bed and find them tossed on the floor in the morning.  Our little AJS has always known her own mind.  Basically, I was her attachment object.  And this attachment object was tired.  She did eventually settle on an attachment object, ahem, five attachment objects.  She now sleeps with five blankets, baby-sized, of course, which I think she took to around two years-old.  Isn’t that so like AJS?  I beg her to take an attachment object, and she gets me in the end by taking five.  Although she demands to sleep with those blankets, they’re not attachment objects in the true sense in that she has never toted them all around town.  This could, however, be a logistical issue, considering the extreme inconvenience of toting around five blankets. 

I hadn’t even really begun to think about an attachment object with Claire since she’s only really just recently been old enough to have things in her bed.  When Claire was about thirteen months, we wandered into the Disney store while out-of-town.  Yes, it’s like a gravitational pull.  If there’s a Disney store, we will find it.  Avery’s Merida obsession had just begun, and we were letting her pick out a Merida toy.  Jerrod pointed out that we never buy anything for Claire, so I put her down in front of a massive shelf of stuffed animals.  She walked directly up to a mound of white cats (for those of you more sophisticated Disney followers, it is Marie from Aristocats, a detail about which Claire has no knowledge), picked one up and started giggling, hugging it and showering it with kisses.  That white cat naturally came home with us, and thus, Kitty was born. 

Claire loves Kitty.  She sleeps with Kitty, er, or rather on Kitty.  Kitty always cheers her up, and she has a slight (and by “slight” I mean “violent”) meltdown if Avery touches Kitty.  If Kitty is on the floor, Claire saunters casually up and sits down on his head.  We assume it’s a display of affection.  When I’m trying to rock Claire before bed at night, she clamors to get into her bed because she knows Kitty is there.  Once reunited, I hear lots of smacking as she kisses him, and “hiiiiiiiiiiiii.”  And, no, I cannot explain why we have decided that a cat wearing a pink bow is a he. 

Recently, Claire was at the Disney store with Jerrod and his parents.  Claire’s Grandma wanted to buy her a present.  Jerrod set Claire down.  She walked directly to a shelf of Kitties, grabbed one Kitty under each arm, turned around and headed for the door  (see picture above).  Don’t worry – we have already purchased a backup Kitty in case of kitastrophe (it was there, I took it).  So there you have it.  My fifteen-month-old has found her one true love, and his name is Kitty.



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September 26, 2012 at 8:40 am

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  1. Oh man Jamie I love this! Finley has 4 swaddle blankets that she would take everywhere with her if she could. I usually manage to get it down to just one.


    September 27, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    • Ha ha. I keep re-tracing my steps and asking myself how it happened that Avery has FIVE blankets? Seriously, how did that happen? How did it start with Finley? Even all these years later, I am worn out by the number of blankets. When we travel, I can normally negotiate her down to four.


      September 29, 2012 at 10:26 am

  2. Stephen had Yellow Blankie, Chris had puppy blanket and Travis had Pikachu. Travis teethed and sucked on pikachu’s feet until they were wholly holey. Did I spell that right?


    October 8, 2012 at 11:09 am

    • I actually remember Travis having Pikachu. I also remember shopping for Pikachu stuff for Travis with my mom. Since this post, Zoomie actually bought Claire two more kitties, so she is blissfully happy. She sleeps with what we call Dirty Kitty (the kitty who gets his face sucked on the most) and schleps the others around the house.


      October 8, 2012 at 12:56 pm

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