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Sweet CCS.

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I may have mentioned this before, but have I told you lately that this girl is one of the lights of my life?  Such a perfect, chubby little nugget.  I wish I could freeze in my memory the way this age feels forever.  I am going to miss the days of squeals of laughter, baby smell, and how squishy she feels when I squeeze her.  She already feels so much less squishy than she used to.  Is there anything better than having a tired baby rest her curly head on your shoulder?  Or what about the hundreds of baby kisses she bestows on everyone and everything in our house?  Me, Jerrod, Avery, the dogs, her stuffed animals, pictures of animals in her books, Avery’s blankets, etc. and etc. to infinity.  And nothing makes my heart feel as smushy with emotion as hearing her kissing her Kitty (more on this later) via the baby monitor while she’s in bed at night.  Our tiny CCS is merely a wiggly ball of sugar and busy-ness these days.  She eats, she plays, she reads, she runs, she kisses, she sleeps.  Repeat.    In summary, dear Claire, I love you.


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September 23, 2012 at 2:01 pm

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