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And Then There Was AJS.

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It is hard to believe we haven’t always had an AJS in our lives.  As our baby turns 4 today, I reflect upon what life would be like without her.  Who would remind me not to pick my nose?  Fortunately for me, I don’t have to fathom a world without AJS and instead, can look back upon the day that we met Avery.

3 years and 364 days ago, my eyes shot open at exactly 6:00 a.m. as I felt contractions begin.  My first thought was “well, it’s about time” since my due date had already flown past.  How like Avery to keep me waiting.  I waited a few hours before mentioning anything to Jerrod because, as a first time mom, I was afraid that they weren’t real contractions.  I fessed up a shortly before lunch time and then spent all day googling “false labor” and praying that this was it.  After a day full of mild contractions, I was not close enough to call my doctor.  Right as I was crawling into bed, the mild pangs turned painful, and I sat up all night watching movies, cleaning out my email inbox and trying to wrap my head around what the next day would hold, all the while Jerrod slept peacefully, blissfully unaware that I was wide awake.  The next morning, still afraid that it was too soon to go to the hospital, we took a walk around the block and finally headed to the hospital.  In the car, I turned to Jerrod and said “so are we naming this kid Avery Jane?”  We had struggled to come up with girl names and had never reached a final consensus.  After being observed for a tense hour at the hospital, they confirmed that I was in labor and admitted me. 

What transpired over the next 6 hours was uneventful.  I felt a strange sense of calm as I sat on the hospital bed and waited to meet our daughter.  We chatted with the labor nurse and anesthesiologist as if casually killing time at a cocktail party, and suddenly, it was time.  After a tense one-hour of pushing, a little after 4:00 p.m., the room flooded with people (seriously, who were all those people?), and an angry cry pierced through the quiet hubbub of the room.  Jerrod handed me our daughter, and every thought that was typically in my head fell out.  There was no room in my mind for billable hours and briefs, dirty dishes and grocery lists.  Avery Jane had arrived, and in true Avery style, she was occupying the space.  My head, my heart, my arms were full of Avery.  I held in my arms a 6 pound, 12 ounces AJS who was so red, so wrinkled and so indignant, and I had never seen a more perfect human.

Four years later, I feel the exact same way.  Avery still occupies the space (in every way – there are princess toys everywhere!).  She is a juxtaposition of strong and soft – quite willful at times and then touchingly tender moments later.  I see in her traces of myself, traces of Jerrod, and most dominantly, her own uniquely crafted AJS-ness.  Avery, we are proud of you everyday.  Thank you for 4 years of you.


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September 20, 2012 at 12:58 pm

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