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Transition To Toddler-Dom.

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Over the past few months, Claire has exploded on to the scene in a big way.  We have transitioned from crawling around the house (although it was a speedy crawl) and poking around here and there to running from room to room and exploring every nook and cranny.  Sometimes I feel like I don’t sit down all day, except when Claire is sleeping.  In addition to the running around the house transition, our little miss has also found her voice.  Claire had an epiphany – not a very poetic epiphany – but an epiphany nonetheless: if I cry, they will come.  And thus we have had to start disciplining our tiniest one.  I loved those baby days before I had to utter the word “no” to my little darling, but those days are gone.  They have been replaced by days chock-full of removing chubby hands from forbidden objects, removing a chubby body from the fireplace, and holding chubby cheeks in my hands to discourage fake crying.  She is still sweet.  I receive many sticky, baby kisses throughout the day, although sometimes I suspect she is just trying to give me positive reinforcement for doing what she wants me to do.  To summarize, Claire has discovered her own power.  In case you’re keeping score, that leaves me with two children who want to be the boss.  I suspect that if more children follow that they will be very meek because all the bossy genes have already been distributed.  So if you see me out and about and I look tired, it’s because I have walked five miles around my own home, chasing my baby.  If I look makeup-less, it’s because said baby tossed my makeup brushes in the toilet.  And if I look pained, it’s because I’m recovering from a vicious shoulder-bite, inflicted upon me by an enraged baby.  But one thing I won’t look is unhappy because, even on her most difficult day, Claire is a blessing.


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September 11, 2012 at 9:08 am

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