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Silver Linings Abound.

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I must admit that, in life, there are many situations in which it is difficult to see the upside.  Some situations are grave enough that it is hard to imagine what possibly positive could come.  And this brings me to something I love about children – they often force you to see the silver lining in day-to-day hardships.  I’m not trying to Pollyanna out on you here, but my children force me to smile even through exasperation.  Never fear, I have illustrative anecdotes. 

Both of my kids have been wrestling with a bout of the sniffles.  Via AJS’ baby monitor a few nights ago, we heard prolonged coughing, whimpering and then, in an extremely weary tone, AJS said “this is not what I needed.”  Jerrod went up to check on her to find she had spit up a bit.  He said she was sitting on her bed looking dead on the inside.  But, surprisingly, the source of her angst was not the sickness.  As he walked in, she said “I am all dirty, and princesses do not get dirty.”  Even in times of sickness, she must maintain her princess street cred.  Leave it to Avery to make us laugh, even in the midst of nighttime puke detail.

Same virus, different child, fast forward one night.  Last night, Claire was up crying with a congested nose.  After extensive de-boogering and medicating, I was rocking her to sleep.  Within minutes, she was nodding off in my arms, which is a very un-Claire thing to do.  As I held her and listened to her stuffy breathing, I started trying to remember when I last held a sleeping Claire.  At 14 months, she rarely falls asleep in my arms, and I quit rocking her to sleep when she was around 6 months-old.  The last time was in May, we had just moved into our current house, and Claire woke up, upset by her unfamiliar surroundings.  I held her on my bed for hours.  It makes me wonder how many months will pass until the next time I can hold my sleeping baby.  How I longed for my babies to sleep through the night during those early infant months.  But now that they do, holding my sleeping baby makes me feel heart-achey, knowing that she is slowly phasing me out.  So although I do not ever want Claire to be sick, even during those sick, weepy nights, I still cherish the chance to cuddle groggy, sniffly Claire.

So, thank you, children, for providing me with an unexpected laugh and a late-night warming of the heart.  You even make the sniffles seem funny and sweet.


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September 6, 2012 at 9:52 am

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