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Summer In My Rearview Mirror.

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This has been an interesting summer.  As I stood on the cusp of summer a few months ago, I thought I knew everything this season had in store for me, but I clearly didn’t.  Summer has delivered in many of the expected ways.  There have been chubby legs in swimsuits and lots of sunny days outside.  But there have also been some unforseen road bumps (unrelated to my kids) that my family is working through.  Ah, such is life, I suppose?  My hope for next summer is that I will look back at the challenges of this summer with the satisfaction of having seen them happily resolved.  Fingers crossed that fall and winter bring us good news.

But, in all fairness to you, summer, you have been good to us in numerous ways.  Our little Claire flew past the one-year mark and hasn’t looked back.  Those baby days are eating her dust as she sprints around our house.  And, of course, AJS has transitioned from a three-year-old at her leisure to a pre-schooler.  Gone are the days of sleeping in every morning and endless time to play.  I’m still not used to not hearing her little voice bouncing off the walls each morning.  Such bittersweet times. 

As Labor Day is upon us, here are a few of my favorite pictures from summer.  Au revoir, summer.  Until next year.



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August 29, 2012 at 8:51 am

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