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Flower Power.

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Over the weekend, we headed to Dallas for my sweet, baby cousin’s wedding (fine, she’s 26, but still a baby to me).  Both Claire and Avery were supposed to be flower girls, along with their cousin Emmie.  After much anticipation and planning on how to coax our tiniest flower girl down the aisle, Claire walked about a yard, picking up flower petals dropped by Avery and Emmie as she went, and then she looked around, did an about-face and walked right on out of there.  Ah well – probably the expected result?  Avery and Emmie, however, executed their roles flawlessly, along with the ring bearer (or “flower boy” as Avery called him), True. 

Avery and Emmie were very conscientious flower girls.  Post-wedding, they returned to the scene for some cleanup.  I think AJS actually refilled her basket with petals.

And with any good wedding, comes dancing.  There are few things AJS enjoys more than tearing up the dance floor with Emmie and True.

This was our first real hotel trip with Claire.  During previous trips, we have always stayed at someone’s house.  Claire did well, but it was still tiring.  Avery is such a seasoned and easy traveler, I had forgotten that little ones object to the shake up of their routine that accompanies traveling.  Here’s our littlest miss enjoying the hotel tub and the hotel crib.  Is there anything sweeter than those baby curls (if your answer is “yes” don’t tell me).


So cheers to a wonderful wedding weekend, and most of all, cheers to my beautiful cousin, Hayden and her new husband, Jason, two of our favorite people.


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August 9, 2012 at 9:12 am

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