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Happy Birthday To Claire!

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Today is my baby’s first birthday.  Although we aren’t officially celebrating today, we did have a few birthday trappings – scones for breakfast (Claire loves scones) and a present for the birthday girl. 

Claire, what a wonderful year with you it has been.  You are many things, Claire, but one of the things you are the most is fun (you thought I was going to say chubby, didn’t you?).  I know that “fun” is not the typical word used to describe one-year-olds.  As my mother (your Jola, Claire) said recently, “Claire is a party.”  It’s just very true.  Whatever we’re doing, Claire is in the mix and enjoying herself.  We’re eating breakfast, Claire is inhaling hers with relish and laughter.  We’re schlepping the kids around in some hellish place, Claire is waving and smiling at all the passersby.  We’re at the pool, Claire is splashing and shrieking with joy (and drinking the pool water).  The same has been true for each developmental milestone.  The first time Claire rolled over, she landed on the other side with a grin of accomplishment plastered on her face.  When Claire started crawling in earnest, she blew happy spit bubbles along the way.  Now that Claire is walking (sometimes staggering) around the house, she does so with utter pride on her face.  Many people say what I am about to say about their children (I know, I am becoming a cliché), but I can say it with utter sincerity.  Claire, you are a joy. 

Claire, at one year you are

  • Walking: at first you only walked with your arms straight up in the air, which I personally loved, but now you are much more adept and are carrying things around the house, like my shoes, for instance.
  • Giving me kisses: when I say “can I have a kiss?” you lean forward with your lips slightly protruding.  It is baby gold.
  • Giving pats, pats: when you were an infant, I patted you as I walked you to sleep, so now “pat pats” are the ultimate Claire comfort mechanism.  When you are sad, you say “pa pa” and pat yourself until I get the idea.  You pat me, you pat the dogs, you pat your baby doll, but you mostly pat yourself.
  • Waving “bu bu”: you still are a big waver and say “bu bu” as you go;
  • Eating: not surprisingly, you are a hearty eater.  Thus, our transition to table food has been seamless.  You enjoy grilled chicken, broccoli, peas, green beans,  meatballs, humus, carbs of all kinds, cheeses of all kinds (including aged cheddar), and you never say no to a snack.
  • Guzzling: we’ve lately introduced cow’s milk, and you approve.  You gulp it down and then pant in satisfaction.
  • Peek-a-boo-ing: you think peekaboo is hilarious.  My favorite is when you cover one eye with one hand.

This is a small wedge of the chubby pie that is one-year-old Claire. 

Claire, I wish that I could memorize each detail of this past year and review it at will because I have cherished it.  Babies are hard, it is true.  Before you were born, I gave myself a pep talk that I wasn’t going to get bogged down in the drudgery of taking care of an infant (i.e., not sleeping, feedings around the clock).  I wanted to savor it.  And although I was truly committed to my strategy, it was a non-issue.  From the start, you’ve been a dream.  Even during the hard newborn days, I felt drenched in lucky each time I walked you to sleep during the night.  You haven’t always been easy, Claire, but you’ve always been so uniquely you.  You are a quirky girl and exactly what this family needed.  Happy birthday, my tiny love.


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June 28, 2012 at 9:40 pm

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