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Pool Days.

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Summer is here, and we have hit the pool in a big way.  Avery is taking swim lessons, and although she’s a reluctant pupil, she’s getting braver all the time.  Claire is getting used to the pool.  Her favorite pool pastimes are (1) eating lunch at the pool, (2) eating the swim toys, and (3) drinking as much pool water as possible (do you sense a theme?).  Unfortunately, the very fair-skinned do not have their pick of cute swimsuits.  You will not see any pictures of Claire in tiny baby bikinis, as precious as that would be.  Her swimsuit is one step down from full scuba gear.  And we’re already making great headway through a family sized bottle of sunscreen.  It takes us at least thirty minutes to swimsuit and sunscreen before we leave.  And then of course we have to shower off the layers upon layers of sunscreen when we get home.  Do you remember those carefree days when you threw on a bikini and were out the door?  My sun-damaged shoulders sure do.  I feel your fair-skinned pain, Claire.  Hope you and yours are enjoying the summer.


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June 12, 2012 at 8:53 am

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