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Wishful Wednesday.

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Today, my Wishful Wednesday centers around another little Avery besides our own precious AJS.  Many of you have likely been following the story of Avery’s Bucket List, a baby with an incurable genetic disease called SMA.  Their Avery passed away this week, just short of six-months-old.  Read her story here.  So this week, my wishes are three-fold.

First, my wish is for Avery’s parents.   I wish them solace and peace.  Having a baby is typically such a hopeful journey.  All your hopes and dreams for yourself and your child are invested in that swaddled bundle.  It is unfathomable to think about your hope for your baby being transformed into hope for additional months, days, hours to get to know your child before she is gone.  However, Avery’s parents lived their six-months with their daughter in the most inspiring and hopeful manner possible, having the most experiences and joy they could, and packing a lifetime of love into that short time. 

Second, my wish is for my own children.  May God give you healthy and long lives, both for you and also for me because life is unimaginable without you. 

Third, my wish is for me.  May I appreciate all that is good in my life each day, especially my children.  May I appreciate them when they are healthy/ill, behaving/misbehaving, crying/laughing.


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May 2, 2012 at 8:41 am

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