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Wishful Wednesday.

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How I long for Wishful Wednesdays of past when expensive and frivolous shoes were the only thing on my wishlist.  This Wednesday, I wish that I was not having a small-ish sized war with my dear AJS.  Welcome to Wishful Wednesday: Bad Child Edition.

Side bar.  I’ve noticed that many, shall we call them Mommy blogs, focus on the delightful aspects of their children.  This is generally my tendency, too.  Mothers love their children.  End of story.  So when talking with others, we all tend to gloss over all the bad things our little darlings do because (a) our little ones, at their core, are pure and sweet and (b) no one wants to admit his/her kids are bad because it makes him/her look bad as a parent.  But, I think honesty amongst parents is important.  It’s similar to when friends tell you about the births of their children and it’s all unicorns and rainbows.  Then you have a child yourself and think “ugh.”  A beautiful end result, but a terrible process all the same (in my experience).   Side bar over. 

For the past couple of days, one of my favorite human beings has been giving me fits.  I will spare you the details both because you likely don’t want to know the details and also to spare AJS’ tiny reputation.  At its best, I would say we’re having the ultimate battle of wills.  As crazy as this may sound, I think that if AJS was an adult, she would totally win.  She has a stronger will than I do.  Sometimes I think she’s an evil genius.  Then I remember that she is a three-year-old.  Over the past few days, my constant mantra has become “she is 3, you’re an adult, you must win.”  We have tried everything – speaking sternly, spending time alone in her room, etc.  The only thing we have found that is (somewhat) working is taking away her toys.  Her room used to look like a toy store.  Now it looks somewhat like a nicely decorated hotel room for a child.  When she’s bad, it’s horrible.  The real problem is that once the badness has subsided and the “real” AJS has returned, the guilt sets in (mine, not hers).  In a couple of particularly poignant moments, Avery said to me “Mommy, at least you didn’t take away my clothes.”  And also, “Mommy I am mad at you because you did something bad to me.  Do you remember when you took away all those toys?”  Cue the urge to throw my arms around her and give her all her toys back plus one zillion more.

Thus, my wish is that by next Wednesday the real AJS will have returned.  And then I can give her the toys back.


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April 25, 2012 at 9:12 am

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