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Wishful Wednesday.

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In my life, as in everyone’s life I’m guessing, there’s the reality in my head and, er, the reality.  In my head, house is spotless, banana bread is baking in the oven, children are pristine and beautifully dressed, and I am breezing through the house in a smart ensemble that does not elevate function over style.  In reality, the house is clean (ish) but littered with toys, bananas are turning brown on the counter, children are dressed, and I’m chasing after Claire wearing a gray North Face jacket that is embarrassed to call itself a North Face because it has never had the slightest glimpse of the mountains or countryside that its brand name’s PR campaigns promised it.

Which brings me to Wishful Wednesdays.  On this day of the week, I’m going to discuss my dream life versus what is actually happening.  For our first installment, the topic I know is on everyone’s mind – baby food.

When Avery Jane was starting baby food, the homemade baby food revolution was just starting to emerge (re-emerge?).  I had friends that made all of their own baby food for their wee ones.  I even had friends that worked full-time and made multiple batches of baby food on the weekend and froze it to last them through the week.  To be clear, making baby food is not hard.  Cook fruits/veggies, puree fruits/veggies.  Voila.  However, at that time, I could not remotely contemplate making my own baby food.  I was still adjusting to life with baby and could not fathom adding a single, extra thing to my life.  I happily popped the lids off the jars and never gave it another moment’s thought.

Fast forward to Claire.  I found that adding Claire to the mix was less overwhelming than when I had Avery.  Part of it was my own personal mantra and psyching myself out – more on that later – and part of it was babies were no longer new and mysterious to me.  Now that baby food makers and storage are everywhere, I could wrap my head around making my own baby food.  And I did.  For maybe a month, all Claire ate was baby food from organic produce that I made the day/day before she ate it.  And then I got over it and discovered my most favorite thing ever.

These pouches of baby food are ideal – perfect for popping into my purse, no worries about contaminating with germs if she doesn’t eat an entire pouch, contain only organic fruit/veggies, and have interesting combinations.  They also make it hard for me to beat myself up about no longer making her baby food because they have no preservatives, no chemicals, just fruits and veggies.  Swoon.

The pouches above are one of the brands I like, but I also really like these and these.   Claire-tested and approved.


Don’t get me wrong, in my dream world, I still make her baby food.  But the reality is that I can’t/won’t fit it in.  Thus we have the first edition of wishful thinking v. what works for me.


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April 4, 2012 at 8:35 am

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  1. Amen sister! I attempted the baby food making with both SE & Fin (did better with Fin), but those squeezies make it so darn easy. I don’t know if baby food making will be an option with the 3rd!


    April 16, 2012 at 10:10 am

  2. Can I just say how impressed I am to hear you even mention “the 3rd.” In theory, I would like a third, but even uttering that out lot makes me feel light-headed. You must have your act together!


    April 16, 2012 at 1:09 pm

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