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The Grandest of Weekends.

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We spent this past weekend being spoiled by my parents.  You probably think that grandparents only spoil the grandchildren, but when my parents come to town, we all feel pampered.  Laughter, lovely meals, help with the kids, all the book-reading Avery can handle, shopping, playing and togetherness.  I feel like we give our kids their fair share of attention, but watching my parents with the girls, I realize that they fulfill something in my children that is so necessary and special.  I can’t describe it.  But naturally I will try.  I am a lawyer after all.  When Avery is with my mom and dad, she is lit up on the inside.  She is the happiest version of herself.  Now if she was only the most well-behaved version of herself.  Even tiny Claire seems to realize that her grandparents exist to cuddle, coo, and coddle her.  She started putting on the Claire show within moments of their arrival.  Such a perfect weekend.  I wish my kids (and me) could have them everyday. 

Here are a few pictures.  I am terrible at taking pictures when we’re with my parents.  I get so caught up in enjoying myself that I totally forget.  Apologies that I didn’t get any with Avery.  I only took my camera out for a brief moment at lunch because it was so cute to watch Claire devour my mom’s necklace and to see her tucked so neatly in between them.





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March 14, 2012 at 9:48 am

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