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We Need A Little Spring.

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Thanks to day light’s savings time, it was as bright as day tonight when I was putting Claire to bed.  As I was patting and walking and rocking and soothing, I looked out at the trees in our backyard and noticed with surprise that they’re covered with green buds.  As much as I have been looking forward to spring, I feel like it is sneaking up on me.  Seeing those tree buds sparked a slideshow of memories from springs and summers past to start playing in my mind – images of Baby Avery in pastel dresses at the park, of her baby legs in a swimsuit for the first time, of a tiny tongue licking dripping snowcones last summer, of her giddy smile as she swings in her swing on our back porch, and of warm evening walks in her stroller. 

As we teeter on the brink of spring, I can barely contain my excitement.  Although there are things I like about winter, it’s not my season.  I’m much more sandals than sweaters, sunshine than snow, and swinging than sledding.  Winter feels like the intermission of my life – I’m merely biding my time until I can throw open the door and step back outside.  And, of course, this year we have another daughter, and this spring will bring with it all of her “firsts.”   I am looking forward to pint-sized, bare feet slapping the sidewalk; mornings spent meandering around the zoo; multiple trips to the park in one day just because we can; chubby legs and arms in baby swimsuits; lots of lunches eaten on blankets spread on the grass; evenings spent puttering around the yard; babies in bonnets; and dinners on our patio.  I see you spring, and I can hardly wait!


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March 12, 2012 at 6:50 pm

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