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I have been sitting on details of a quite adorable event for too long now, and I must share.  About a week ago, Avery and Jerrod went to a Daddy-Daughter Dance.  Yes, the cuteness potential was incalculable, and it delivered.  We forgot about it until about 4:30 the afternoon of the dance, at which time we told Avery that she and her dad were going to a dance that evening.  I was not sure if Avery would be excited, want to go, not want to go, etc.  She immediately asked to put her party dress on and wore it until they left for the dance approximately two hours later. 

And, there was a sizeable pre-dance commentary.  She talked non-stop about how she was going to a ball.  She immediately dubbed herself Cinderella and Jerrod, Prince Charming.  She told me that I was the fairy godmother because I gave her the party dress.  Perfectly sensible.  The best part was that she said that Claire was Gus the mouse (the chubby mouse from Cinderella for you non-princess followers out there) because Claire has a big, fat tummy (Claire objects).  I was pleased with how this particular role play shook out, but was less pleased with the role distribution when she switched to Sleeping Beauty about 30 minutes before the “ball.”  She naturally was Sleeping Beauty, Jerrod was Prince Phillip, but I had to be Malificent.  I asked her if I could just be Sleeping Beauty’s mom, but she said “no.”  Avery giveth, and Avery taketh away. 

After all that build-up, we put the finishing touches on her ensemble, and they were off.  The excitement was palpable.

If you made me predict how the evening would unfold, I would have said that Avery would have observed the dancing for about an hour or so and then would have consented to dance by the end of the night.  Not so.  Jerrod said she hit the floor the moment they arrived at the dance and that he had to drag her away for a brief dinner break.  I think there was a bit of a scene when they left.  Jerrod said that she danced with every girl there.  Who knew?  My daughter the dancing queen.


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February 6, 2012 at 8:22 pm

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