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Scenes From The Blanket.

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These days, we spend a lot of time on a blanket spread out on our living room floor for a certain youngster to practice her almost crawling.  I have to stay by Claire, and Avery feels like she has to stay by me.  So inevitably we all end up on The Blanket.  You probably had surmised that my world is small, you just didn’t realize that it is blanket-sized.  Here’s a typical session on The Blanket.  Exciting stuff, I know.

Everyone is happily hanging out.  The Blanket universe is in harmony.

Enter the toy phone.  Claire is intrigued.  Target acquired.

Claire has made her way to the target.  Avery in an impressive display of nonchalance is both holding Claire at bay and also acting like she doesn’t see her.

Now no one is happy.  Avery lovingly gave in and acknowledged her sister (read: I made her acknowledge her sister and propped Claire in her lap).  Claire just wanted the phone, not a hug.

For my personal entertainment, they are dressed in matching outfits.  Hey, if I’m going to hang out on The Blanket with two kids for extended periods of time, I might as well amp up the entertainment value in any way possible.














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January 18, 2012 at 10:53 am

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  1. Claire is like a moth to the flame, methinks.

    ant gar

    January 21, 2012 at 10:01 am

  2. […] recall a while back, in the days before mobile Claire (those were the days!), my life unfolded on The Blanket.  These days, it seems like our life is centered around The Table – the kid-sized table that is […]

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