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Dear Claire,

I am in a state of disbelief that you, my littlest little one, are already 6 months old.  How did you go so quickly from this snuggliest of tiny babies

To this perfectly chubby little mover and shaker?

And I’ve seen this story play out before.  I know that in no time whatsoever you will turn into some version of this

and start saying things like “Okay mommy, I only have time for one hug.”  True story.  Those words pass from the mouth of the seemingly angelic AJS on a weekly basis.  In order to avoid this rapid growth process, I am willing to make some concessions Claire.  Perhaps some monetary compensation would entice you to put the brakes on the growing?  An allowance could be arranged.  Or, knowing you, you would prefer something along the lines of a culinary incentive.  Homemade baby food made from the finest (ish) organic produce you say?  Done.  See, that wasn’t so hard.

Because I realize that you may not hold up your end of the bargain and might continue to grow anyway, here are some of the things you are doing right now so that your poor mommy can remember them when she’s old and gray (as if that’s ever going to happen with the rate at which I get my hair highlighted).  For those readers out there who are not Claire, you may want to stop reading now if you’re not interested in the minutia of my baby’s life.

Claire, at 6 months you are

  • Rocking and rolling on your knees, hell-bent to crawl,
  • Getting up on your hind legs trying to bear crawl (heaven help us),
  • Smiling so readily that your dad claims it’s like shooting fish in a barrel,
  • Grabbing your sister’s hair with great relish,
  • Propping yourself up on your side,
  • Experimenting with Baby Mum Mums,
  • Sleeping like a champ,
  • Sitting up with relatively little assistance,
  • Grabbing everything in sight,
  • Loving your toys, most especially your squeaky giraffe, your crab, and my iPhone (which I would like to point out is not really one of your toys),
  • Squeaking with glee,
  • Loving your bath and just discovering splashing,
  • Constantly enduring the crazy things we make you do (see Mickey Mouse pic above), and
  • Barely allowing me to cuddle you at all because you are so busy.

You are such a joy to us – yes even to Avery – and we are blessed to have you!


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January 5, 2012 at 11:46 am

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